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Good Apple Insurance is a Pennsylvania based independent insurance agency with over 20 years’ experience, located in York, serving the entire Keystone State.


With access to multiple carriers and coverage options, we can help protect you, your family, and your business.


We are confident you can trust us to help you in the event you are faced with a loss.


is to protect your Family, Home, Business, Life and much more!


Browse our insurance products to see what we offer. We have built our reputation as the trusted choice our neighbors depend on for their insurance needs.


Home insurance protects you again financial loss.



Repairing a vehicle when a loss occurs can be expensive…



Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating things in life, but it is important that you keep yourself protected on the roads with motorcycle insurance.



Business insurance helps protect your company, employees, and business property from unexpected loss.


Recreational Vehicle

Life is all about having fun and enjoying time with friends and family on special trips and adventures.



A simple and inexpensive way to protect your assets and future income from being garnished against claims and certain lawsuits from incidents you, a family member or even your pet may have caused and be personally liable for.


Top Tips To Getting Huge Auto Insurance Savings

If you drive your car around uninsured, you are driving illegally. If you want to save on auto insurance, there are significant ways in which you can lower your premiums. And avoid bumping face to face with ticket-giving officers while still getting maximum protection while on the road. Score savings on your insurance by changing […]

Is Online Insurance A Good Deal?

I had a gentleman come into my office with a copy of his current insurance policy that he purchased online from an 800 number. He said he was looking for the cheapest insurance for his new car. Well, the agent that wrote him the policy did exactly that! Yep….got him the cheapest policy out there. […]

Is Water Back Up Coverage For My Home Necessary?

Water back up loss happens when water or water-borne materials back up into your home. This comes in through sewers, drains, a sump pump, or related equipment and can cause serious damage. It can also be caused by sump pump mechanical failure, aging pipe lines, tree roots damaging the water lines, or electrical outage where […]


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